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Avoid Rental Scammers

⚠️ Be Aware of Rental Scammers ⚠️ If it is to good to be true, it is! Here's a quick list of 10-Red Flags warnings that you are about to be scammed when looking for a rental home. 🚩Not willing to meet you in person or over "video" chat 🚩There is a Real Estate sign in the yard 🚩Their story is that they fired their Agent or Property Management Company because they wanted to charge to much or were too expensive 🚩They moved out of the country, reference being a pastor or missionary 🚩They claim to be the owner and have created an email address similar to the owner's name 🚩They will mail you the keys after you send them funds 🚩Ask for a your financial info to be sent by email, such as your Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and banking info 🚩They ask you to wire funds, send the numbers from the back of a gift cards you purchased, or ask for money orders 🚩To view the property they tell you to break in or break a window and you can deduct the cost of repair from the rent 🚩🚩The listing price is well below the market rate, typically list homes between $500-$1000 with all utilities included. If you are in doubt, call a REALTOR or the company on the sign to verify! Be hesitate to give out any of your financial or personal info.

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